After working so many assignments where just a few attendees in the meeting needed interpretation services, I decided that I needed to invest in state-of-the-art, stand-alone, wireless interpretation equipment. My clients find this service indispensable.

When is this equipment useful?
*1 to 20 attendees need interpretation
*Wireless and portable, allowing mobility
*Indoors 200ft range
*Outdoors 100ft range
*Ideal for factory tours, guided tours
*Business/negotiation meetings
*Workshops/training sessions


What are the advantages of using this equipment?
*Faster communication: I will interpret in real time (simultaneously) rather than waiting for the speaker to finish with his utterance (consecutive)
*Higher quality of interpretation: I will listen directly to speaker (who speaks to a microphone) in my headsets, providing better concentration and accuracy.
*The listener hears crisp and clear interpretation
*No disruption to the other English speaking attendees
*Does not require technical setup

How does it work?
The speaker talks into a discreet transceiver (with a built-in microphone), broadcasting to the interpreter, who listens to the original speech through her headsets
and talks into her microphone, the listeners hear the interpretation through their receivers and headphones.

Currently, I can accommodate 4 listeners, and this system can be easily expanded by renting more receivers.