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Simultaneous Interpretation (conference): interpreters work in a soundproof booth. They listen to the speaker through earphones, and speaking into a microphone, they translate the message into the target language as it is being said in the source language. The audience receives the interpretation through headphones. As its name indicates, this mode of interpretation is used in conferences, seminars, forums and other events where there are several working languages and hundreds of attendees.

Consecutive Interpretation: the interpreter (usually located next to the speaker) listens to the speaker, takes down notes and once the speaker's utterance is over, delivers the message in the target language. Although it does not require a booth nor headsets for the attendees, this mode of interpretation can be very time-consuming, doubling the length of the event. Consecutive interpretation is preferred in press conferences, business meetings, and while escorting persons.

Simultaneous interpreting with wireless equipment: it is the same technique as in conference interpreting but instead of using booths, a two-way wireless listening system (composed of transceivers and receivers) is used. This is an ideal option for group with 20 attendees or fewer. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and it allows its users to move about freely: it is specially useful for visits to factories, plants, guided tours, meetings. I am delighted to offer you, my very own state-of-the-art wireless listening system.